In addition to Microsoft Remote Desktop, which works for Windows and Linux operating systems, there are several other worthy programs that enable you to remote control PCs.

Microsoft RDP

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Program came after similar programs running on Linux and has been around a long time. Many IT professionals would not be able to work nearly as efficiently without RDP. I’ve used it daily for quite a while. Secondarily to graphical user inferfaces, RDP might be the best way to increase productivity that has come along, especially for IT professionals. On all versions of Windows, one can access RDP via the Start Menu by typing remote or by pressing Windows key + R to open the Run box. In the Run box, type in mstsc and press Enter to launch RDP.

Microsoft RDP options

One can control any computer inside their network as long as they have a valid username, password and administrative rights to it.

Real VNC

Real VNC goes back 20 years and is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is also installed by default on Raspbian OS for Raspberry PI computers.

RealVNC viewer


TeamViewer is another very popular remote control program that is close to 20 years on active use. Every computer using it is assigned an ID. In order to remote control another PC, you simply enter their ID and optional password.

TeamViewer main window


NoMachine remote control came out in 2003 from a company in Europe. Connect to any computer remotely at the speed of light. Thanks to our NX technology, NoMachine is the fastest and highest quality remote desktop you have ever tried. Reach your computer on the other side of the world in just a few clicks. Wherever your desktop is, you can access it from any other device and share it with who you want. NoMachine is your own personal server, private and secure. What’s more, it’s free for 1 concurrent connection at a time.

NoMachine main window

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